Frequently Asked Questions...

How do we go about ordering a cake?
3 ways...
You can call, email or come to the office and make an appointment.
Our shop is
We prefer that you make an appointment as this will allow us to sit down with you and sketch out a design for you,
this will help get a visual of what your custom cake will look like.
If you place your order by email or phone we request that you choose a design from our site as
this will allow both you and I to know what your cake will be made to look like with exceptions of flavor, colors, etc.
It's very difficult for us to know exactly what you would like without actually meeting with you and sketching it out on
paper and making sure that whatever colors you choose will be made in that shade.  
We highly recommend that you make an appointment to meet with us to discuss your options.  

Making Appointments...
Please keep in mind when making an appointment that our time is valuable as well as yours,
if you are not able to keep your appointment, we ask that you call us with at least 24 hours notice so that we can
that time to be available for another customer needing to get in to see us.
To help us with the design of your cake, please bring with you any pictures, color swatches and ideas that you may
have in regards to the design of your cake.
We have some books for you to look through, this website and our
Sweets To Dream On Facebook page is pretty
much our "portfolio".
If you are ordering during the week of your event please keep in mind that we may not be able to accommodate
you with appointment time.  
We book fast therefore we suggest that you place your order as early as possible so that we can consult with you
in plenty of time before your event date.   
We've had a few
"No-Shows" ...continued "No-Shows" without a phone cancellation will cause us to start
requesting credit card info at time of appointment...the card would only
be charged in the event that a customer is a

Our Payment Policy...
We do require a non-refundable retainer on all exceptions!

No price or date is held without your non-refundable retainer.
We require a $100.00 non-refundable retainer on all cake orders...
this amount is applied towards the total cost of your cake order.
This retainer is non-refundable and non-transferable.
If your event is cancelled or postponed and if that date can be filled...
your money will be refunded minus any work that may have already been
made in advance and minus the
non-refundable retainer.
No money will be refunded if event is cancelled or postponed
within the week of your event exceptions!

For Wedding Cake orders...
Your balance is due 2 weeks before your event...
any balance paid within 2 weeks of your event will need to be paid in cash.

For Birthday Cake orders...
Your balance can be paid at time of pick up provided that you will be paying
with either cash or credit checks please.
Due to some recent incidents we've decided that it will be best for all involved if checks are
no longer accepted at time of pick up as we need to allow time for the check to clear the bank.  

How do we go about picking up our cake?
At the time of your order, you will be asked date and time of pick up, your cake will be ready for you to pick up at
that scheduled time.  If you later find that your cake needs to be picked up earlier or later please call the shop to
make that arrangement.   
Remember, we are a shop that is
OPEN BY APPOINTMENT ONLY please keep this in mind when making
your arrangement.   
We understand things can come up last minute but do remember that someone will be at the shop waiting just for
you to pick up your cake at
that scheduled time...our time is valuable just as yours is too.

On Saturdays only there is usually someone at the shop available for pickups from 9am to 12pm and all pick up
times are scheduled during this time because of our wedding cake deliveries.    
If by
12pm your cake has not been picked up and we haven't heard from you or made prior arrangements we will
do our best to contact you
before leaving on our cake deliveries and if a later time needs to be rescheduled
you will be charged a late pick up fee...$20.  
It's very important that we all stick to these pick up times as we have too much going on during the day with
wedding cake deliveries.  Once we leave the shop for a scheduled delivery it may be a couple of hours before we
are able to return to the shop.

What about deliveries?
We do deliver.   Local deliveries are $75.   
Outside of the local Conroe area we charge by the mile.
Some of our regular venues have a set price...please inquire when booking with us.
While we do deliver, please keep in mind that sometimes it is impossible for us to deliver at the exact time that you
request, most of our cakes are delivered within 2-3 hours of the scheduled time.   
We do ask that you make sure your venue is well air-conditioned by the time we arrive with your cake and that your
cake table is well secured and sturdy enough for your cake.
If we arrive at your location and the room is not air-conditioned or table not sturdy enough or if someone is not
there to sign a waiver... we will
NOT leave your cake.   
We will return to the shop until those issues are corrected and if we have to make another trip,
you will be charged a second delivery fee.

What about returning cake boards and equipment?
We charge a deposit for all our wood bases...the reason why we use wood bases is because with all the work that
we put into our designs we only trust our custom cut wood bases to hold the weight of our cakes.   
The deposit is refundable when our boards and equipment are returned within 3 days after your event...unless prior
arrangements have been made.    
When returning our boards and equipment please return them must wonder why we put this in but let
me tell you we have gotten boards back with cake crumbs and icing on them!
The deposit that you are charged is to cover our cost in replacing that's
not a cleaning fee, so please
kindly clean (
do NOT get wet as they will warp, just wipe the board) and then return...thank you.

A little bit about our pricing...
Custom work is very labor intensive.
Some designs will take up to 6+ hours just to decorate and that's not taking prep work into consideration such as
baking, covering boards with custom colored paper and ribbon, icing, etc...   
We spend quite a bit of time preparing your custom designed cake, we want it to be special and just right therefore
it's time taken away from everything else in our lives and the more time a design takes to construct the more
expensive it will be.
Our cakes are baked for you here at the shop.  They do get refrigerated as they hold up better for delivery.  
Trust me, you want a cold firm cake when you are traveling with it especially during the hot summer months!
Your cakes will get baked the week of your event, this is why last minute changes, cancellations and
postponements do not work for any of us involved.
Your cake has already been baked and prep work such as covered boards, icing, colored fondant, toppers, etc.
have already been made by this time.  
If you are on a budget, we will do our best to design a cake for you that meets your needs.
If you are looking for something very simple and very last minute, because of the type of work that we do, we may  
not be the shop for you.  
However, if you choose us we will do our very best to meet your needs and give you a very special custom
designed cake.
We have some very basic price information on our
Flavors and Pricing   page, this will give you
an idea of how our prices start.
A $4.00 per serving price can easily turn into $7-$8 per serving once we add in all the extras, the $4.00 per serving
price is just a base price.  
Our whimsical and sculpted designs are the most expensive due to the labor involved in constructing and then also
the detail work, whimsical and sculpted designs tend to average around $10 to $15 per serving and we do have a
minimum on these designs.   

Do we ship our cakes?
No we do not ship our cakes...we only ship our cookies and Cake Jars at this time.
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